Keeping an organized stable full of horses is a big job. From feed to farrier visits, and turnout to exercise schedules, horse husbandry consists of countless moving parts. But … there’s an app for that!

You’ve probably heard of PonyApp (right here on OR, in fact), which assembles all of the aforementioned information (plus individual horse profiles, documents, photos, and notes) into one very handy place: your phone. Needless to say, the various whiteboards in the stables at OR headquarters have been getting a lot less use these days, but that’s not even the best part!

PonyApp was founded by two equestrians with big dreams and savvy ideas. Though Lucy Davis (we said big dreams!) and Lindsay Douglass launched the app with its utilitarian aspects top of mind, it has since developed into a social media-like platform for sharing photos, videos, and events with the rest of the equestrian community (meaning, it will give your non-horse friends a bit of a break from all the horse photos you post to your ‘gram). Most recently, the ladies at PonyApp have launched a Spotlight section, where they compile their own articles, interviews, and stories, as well as those of some very highly regarded online publications (do you see where we’re going with this?) … like Outside Rein!

So in the spirit of creativity, pony humor, and fun new partnerships with female-founded enterprises, we took a peek behind the scenes at PonyApp. We spent an afternoon in their offices, and while PonyStaffers Lucy, Caitlin, and Megan were extremely forthcoming, we were curious about all the juicy watercooler chat. For that, we tapped Lucy’s long-term mount and PonyApp mascot, Barron. They’ve traveled the globe together, kicking ass and taking names at a few international competitions (coughtheolympicscough), so we couldn’t think of a more appropriate interviewee. Check out all that Barron had to say below!

When you were a foal, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I never wanted to grow up. Have I?

Are you devoted to fashion? Tell us about your monocle.
My alter ego is “Renzo,” so yes, you could say I’m devoted to good design.

How did you land your dream job as “the face” of PonyApp
It’s a good face, and mostly the PonyApp team is just bias.

What was your job before PonyApp?
Carrying Lucy over large fences across the globe. I went to the Olympics and won a silver medal for us. 😉

What was the interview process like?
Showed up, was heavily bribed with carrots and, to be honest, I don’t remember much past that.

What is your morning routine?
I like to sleep in a bit, naturally. My stablemates are up and exercise early so I can get my beauty sleep.

Walk us through a typical day in the PonyApp office.
Arrive by 9 AM, morning meeting with the team at 10, and then get (Pony)Apples all day.

What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?
introversion — thinking — sensing — judging

How do you motivate your colleagues?
(Pony)Apples. And other than that I’d say our company mission to grow the sport is pretty convincing, too.

How would you describe the culture/vibe at PonyApp?
Hard-working, innovative and inspiring! The Pony energy is contagious.

What is it like to work for a female-founded company?
They say the future is female, so I’m happy to be a part of that!

What is your favorite part of the day?
I like to take long walks in between work. Munch on some grass, spook at some squirrels, think big thoughts.

What do you like most about working at PonyApp?
The innovative minds! Being at a young company, with young people on the team, is inspiring. We have big ideas for the future of the sport and it keeps us energized every day.

Do you have an office wife?
I don’t have an office wife but I do have an office sister! Have you seen Ethel? She’s a sassy little Jack Russell (see below).

What recent contribution are you most proud of?
Well … I was just nominated for #PhenomenalPony of the week! Feel free to check out my PonyApp profile to see why. 😉

What has excited you most lately?
We’ve been working hard this summer and have a true vision for where we want PonyApp to go next! It’s exciting to see it all coming together, and that people outside the company are starting to catch on to it, too.

Most used apps and/or emojis on your phone?
PonyApp, duh!! Also, GifJif … if you don’t know what that is, check it out. We have fun playing with that. The laughing emoji, carrots, the usuals.

What’s next for you?
Heading to Florida as the winter starts to creep in so we can share our new features with some new audiences down there!

Just between us … what’s the latest chat around the water cooler?
Megan (Fellows) has been talking about some PonyApp rap that she has up her sleeve … I’ve heard her drop a few bars and I gotta say, I like the beat. So look out for that jam coming soon …

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