We’re helping you cross one more item off of your holiday “To Do” list.
Stocking stuffers: check.

In barn colors, this makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the stable-mate who keeps taking the wrong bridle bag…

For someone who is enthusiastic about red wine, and it shows.

Delicate Catbird jewelry is an OR staple, and this bracelet is thoughtful, inexpensive, and elegant.  Plus, who doesn’t need two or three wishes to come true?

Swagger: when your spurs match your pad and your half-pad and your bonnet and your scrim.

This pocket-sized stick of balm is immune boosting, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial with energizing benefits.  A little dab to the chest or the nose, or on chapped hands as a sanitizer, should keep the seasonal cold at bay.

Reusable Hand Warmers, $20

It’s December.

The practical gifting route — an equestrian can never have too much help, hay, or handy leather cleaner.

What better way to end the day than resting one’s head on a silk pillowcase that causes less friction than cotton, therefore minimizing wrinkling skin and frizzy hair while you sleep.

If Grandpa is going to wear socks with his sandals, they might as well be amusing.  BlueQ has a pair for everyone on your list.

In 2015, Hermès released a set of nine commemorative books with drawings by its iconic artist, Philippe Dumas. Each tiny, jewel-toned volume captures a theme, including our favorite, Vive le Cheval, fitting for any rider.

A full-on luxurious way to freshen up sweaty, stinky helmet hair.

Broken nail? Booboo? Chapped lips? Lost button? This is a perfect, glovebox sized cure-all for anyone on the go.

Durable, cozy, and an absolute staple around the barn, everyone should receive a brand new pair each winter.

A much more decadent hot cocoa than that of your youth, this dark chocolate version is all grown up.

Fido will love these, and who doesn’t do a stocking for the dog?