We recently stumbled upon a video that had us chuckling. In the 25-second clip, a Texas-based roper gives a tour of his barn refrigerator after the sun has set (as confirmed by the chorus of crickets in the background):

“I’ve got a little bit of everything,” [points to a jar of pickles] “Ketchup, wormer, vaccinations, needles, … sodas, pizza, heh! Water … a little bit of everything for horses, and for humans.”

Many of us can relate to the random assortment of provisions and paraphernalia* that take up space in our recreational refrigerators—especially this time of year, when the warmer months command a few additions such as popsicles and a damp kerchief. And like a prepared cowboy, when the day is done and the night is calm, we like to take stock of our inventory reach for a refreshment while skimming our crisper for its volume of apples and carrots. Priorities.

Therefore, between the two of us at OR, this week we play an impromptu game called Who’s Fridge is Funkier? and divulge a few of our cold storage supplies, below. We also ventured further into the ‘gram to ogle other people’s property, and discovered some not-surprisingly-persistent themes.

*PSA: Please don’t forget to check the storage and handling instructions for your refrigerated animal meds, to ensure they can safely co-exist with human foods!

… and a scroll through our feed …

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