Riders inherently spend hours upon hours in the sun.

Enter Equivisor.

Today the oversized sun shade that attaches to any brand of riding helmet is commonplace among UV-conscious horse folk. However, this wasn’t always so. The visor alters the chic aesthetic of the equestrian kit, and we vividly remember looking around at our peers when it first arrived on the scene and having that “I’ll do it if you’ll do it” feeling. Early adopters of the Equivisor definitely received a bit of side eye (ask us how we know), but the product has now become a functional favorite in the weather-deflecting arsenal of many riders.

This long-winded anecdote is simply our way of proving that, while some items might seem outlandish upon initial inspection, there is usually a time and a place . . . usually. So this week we’ve gone deep into the interwebs to procure a list of the strangest finds on the market, and we let Instagram decide if they were funny or functional. What follows is a poll of our followers, and the results may surprise you!

Pony Pajamas

Twenty-one percent of our polled followers are into it! Who knew?
We officially apologize to y’all because these aren’t actually for sale, but we love your enthusiasm!

Stallion Support

Our hands-on experience with the undercarriages of stallions is fairly limited, so when it comes to the functional aspect of this support system offered by Fennell’s Fine Leather Goods, we’ll just have to take Instagram’s word for it.

Sparkle Hoof Polish

We’re glad this one squeaked by! Are we promoting this stuff for the hunter ring? No. Are we promoting this stuff for pony rides, lead line classes, lesson barns, costume parties, and to generally help make horsing around more fun for kids? YES!

Fly Veil

We had no idea how this one would turn out, but we’ve been known to embrace a little fringe from time to time, so we’re not mad that it’s a winner. Buy one for $3 at Chicks Saddlery.

Tandem Saddle

Proof that there is a product for every person, and a person for every product! We think this little saddle-seat attachment is genius for taking a youngster along on a trail ride (on a bombproof horse, of course, of course). We even received a DM asking where this could be purchased. Answer: Corro.

Pony Pacifier

Sixty-eight percent of equestrians agree! This might seem silly, but it isn’t. Save your fences and your steed’s sanity by giving him something safe upon which to busy his mouth when he’s stall bound. And for $31.99 at Mary’s Tack & Feed, we think this boredom buster is worth a try.

Hand Operated Clippers

These are trying times, so we’d like to introduce the equestrian version of a stress ball. Start body-clipping in late-October and you just might be done before the winter circuits start. For only $8 at Chick’s Saddlery, it will be the cheapest body-clip on record.

Mounting Aid

Instagram, we will have to agree to disagree on this one. We’ve learned a thing or two [about mounting on the trail] because we’ve seen a person or two [trying to find a large rock or fence rail to stand upon]. Letting this lightweight, portable contraption do the heavy lifting seems like a good solution for those who may need it. Available at Corro.

Carrot Enrichment Toy

Again, seems like we’re all on the same page about keeping barn-babies busy! Seventy percent of our followers find this toy to be useful. Purchase yours at Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supply.

The Daddle

Functional? Okay, probably not. But if you’re trying to help a toddler achieve the perfect seat (or just have some fun), this is a good option. We bet Beezie Madden had one as a baby. Just sayin’…

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