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Dopamine Dressing: 8 Ways to Brighten Your Mood

We’ll admit we’ve surrendered to the work-from-home section of our closets when deciding what to wear each morning. Here at Outside Rein that means a heavy rotation of all-purpose performance wear since we’re only allowed at the barn, the grocery store, or in (an amazing) virtual pilates class. Yet after...

Greaner Cleaners

Keeping a horse farm safe, clean, and organized is a year-round job, but the onset of spring inevitably signals even more work. Often, the upkeep required by a thawing landscape is compounded by the simultaneous desire to freshen up [...]

Happy 50th: [Earth]day Documentaries to Binge This Weekend

If you've ever galloped across the Kenyan savannah, tölted through the fjords of Iceland, or donned a poncho and trekked through the Argentinean mountains, you're probably aware of how incredibly breathtaking nature can be. Thus, in honor of Earth Day...

At-A-Glance: Equine Body Work

Those of us fortunate enough to quarantine in the same vicinity as our beloved grass-guzzlers are familiar with social distancing, since isolation is fairly typical—albeit self-imposed—on one’s own farm. It is much easier to manage the comings [...]

The Well-Appointed (Horse) Trailer

Hauling is often synonymous with horse shows, where dust, sweat, mud, green slobber stains, and various oils, grease and goo come with the territory. Despite the gritty side of competitive riding, there is something to be said for [...]

What We’re Wearing Now: Sustainable Work Gear

Patagonia is a trendy travel destination at the southernmost tip of South America, and yes, there are horseback tours, but that’s not where we’re going with this. Despite the region’s growing popularity, in daily life...

A North Salem Daycation: The American Gold Cup

Riders and equine enthusiasts who have spent any time in Westchester County are likely familiar with the equestrian enclave of North Salem, only fifty miles from New York City and an easy commute on the Metro North Railroad...

Summer Style for Schooling at Home

For the most part, there are two types of riders in the world: those who polish their tall boots even when riding at home alone, and those who occasionally let their old Garth Brooks tour t-shirt double as both pajamas and riding gear when they think no one is watching...

If Your Knickers Are in a Twist

Early one morning over coffee with a friend and fellow rider, the conversation took an unexpected turn. "Have you ever considered the topic of underwear?" he asked. Until then, we had not. He went on to explain, "There are not many riding-specific choices available for men...

Stable-to-Street: The Edit

Horses are cool. Of course, we always echo this sentiment, but this time we mean it in an entirely objective sense. Though the fashion industry can have a fairly short attention span, over the last few seasons it has taken a particular interest in the ponies...

A Clean Break

Those of you who have followed OR from the beginning are familiar with our penchant for easy recipes, good great wine, and casual entertaining. Therefore, it feels right to mention that one half of OR possesses [...]

Ten Tools to Kick Off the New Year

We love the promise of a new horizon, filled with curiosities and possibilities. The start of the calendar year similarly feels like such a beginning, and nudges us toward good intentions for enhancing our [...]

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