We’ll admit we’ve surrendered to the work-from-home section of our closets when deciding what to wear each morning. Here at Outside Rein that means a heavy rotation of all-purpose performance wear since we’re only allowed at the barn, the grocery store, or in (an amazing) virtual pilates class. Yet after so many weeks in jogger pants, riding tights, leggings, hoodies, and overalls, the routine has begun to feel a little dull, and we find ourselves eager to put some effort into dressing again. To wit, one of us upgraded a typical dinner into a candlelit date night, while the other showed up to a Zoom birthday in clip-on earrings (we said some effort).

Research shows that there are clear links between how we dress and our mood, and that paying attention to one’s own appearance can boost self-confidence and performance. Of course, the colors we wear also enhance—and reflect—our spirits, and brighter hues stimulate cheer. All of this seems particularly relevant as we strive to keep a sunny outlook during these strange times, and so we turned to a little retail therapy for a vibrant dose of dopamine this week.

We think the pieces below are pretty fun, especially when paired with equestrian gear, making the barn-store-barn route a tad less vanilla.

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