According to our highly classified data and analytics, a vast majority of OR subscribers reside in states that have not been spared by subfreezing temperatures, conveniently accompanied by rain, sleet, ice, or snow. Furthermore, while those who care for horses must carry on with daily chores no matter the weather, there are others who choose to brave the elements and continue training, indoor arena or not (those gymnastics aren’t going to jump themselves!). Both demonstrate a grit and determination that bonds us as riders and gives us an excuse to commiserate, compare tactics, and prove that we’re not alone in our (sometimes crazy) equestrian pursuits.

This week we are doing all of the above by passing along a handful of new discoveries with hopes of putting a “spring” in your step. Whether you are in need of warm(er) gear, are looking for design inspiration, or want to leave an unexpected gift in someone’s grain bin, our admittedly random assortment of items below should leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.


Charleston Chalks Painted Furniture
This talented artist caught our attention when a local tack and supply store started carrying select pieces of her work, prompting one of us to inquire about a commissioned item of our own! One can submit heirloom furniture, castaways that need reviving (such as a forgotten tray), or request to have the goods sourced.  


Pewter Cowboy Saddle Napkin Ring
Vagabond House has become our go-to destination for unique gifts that pair beautifully with linens and other tabletop items thoughtfully curated by Equine Divine. While we are drawn to Vagabond’s equestrian styles, the company’s song bird, sea shore, and farmer’s market collections are equally irresistible.


Hand Carved Mango Wood Scoop
While meandering through a local antique shop we happened upon these darling little scoops for handling dry goods. We couldn’t help but envision one in the feed room to up our grain and supplement game. It’s the small things that bring us such great pleasure! 


Ororo Heated Vests & Jackets
In one week, we heard rave reviews from both an avid fisherman and an event rider about the toasty results of heated outerwear. If Old Man Winter overstaying his welcome in many parts of the country isn’t incentive enough, today is “Battery Day” at Ororo, featuring a discount and a gift with purchase. 


“The One” Purple Conditioner
This barn hack came across our feed in a group rider forum as an effective way to brighten the coats of gray ponies. We are fans of several shampoos designed specifically for horses, but it always helps to have an at-home alternative within reach.