We’re almost positive that today is Friday, so here goes…

If you’ve ever galloped across the Kenyan savannah, tölted through the fjords of Iceland, or donned a poncho and trekked through the Argentinean mountains, you’re probably aware of how incredibly breathtaking nature can be. Thus, in honor of Earth Day (and its fiftieth anniversary, which falls on April 22), we’re taking it upon ourselves to celebrate our beautiful [and only] planet for the entire month. For the next three Fridays we will be sharing our favorite eco-conscious finds, and because nine in ten Americans have been instructed to stay at home, this week we’re starting with documentaries that will make the uptick in your screen time feel a little less bleak.

Below, we list some illuminating flicks that shed a bit of light on some of the issues that our planet is facing. As most of us hunker down, conserving food and rationing paper goods, we think now is a great time to emphasize that thoughtful consumption really doesn’t have to be all that hard! And if you need another reason to pop some corn and surf the sofa, we’re pretty sure most of these films satisfy some sort of homeschooling requirement.


Coral, a fundamental part of a massive underwater ecosystem, is dying in reefs around the world. This exploration into the disappearance of one of earth’s most vital elements is available on Netflix. Click the photo above to watch the trailer.

Eight million pounds of plastic are dumped into the oceans annually. A Plastic Ocean is an investigation into these discarded plastics, and the effects they have on the planet. Click the photo above to watch the trailer.

Unbroken Ground explores the environmental price of the world’s food production system. The film highlights regenerative agriculture as a solution, and emphasizes the role that farming will play in the future. Click the photo above to watch the trailer, or watch the full film here.

A couple leaves Los Angeles to start a sustainable, organic farm on 200 acres in the hills of California. Spoiler alert: there are high highs and low lows! Still, for two horse girls with extensive kitchen gardens, this film is serious #lifegoals. Click the photo above to watch the trailer.


2040 examines what the future could look like if people choose to embrace alternative solutions to actions that degrade the environment. Click the photo above to watch the trailer.

Paris to Pittsburgh highlights how America’s citizens are developing practical solutions to the dilemma of climate change. Watch on Disney+, or click the photo above to watch the trailer.

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