Like weather apps and Wifi, face masks have established a necessary role in our lives, and we have learned (the hard way) to keep them handy at all times. To encourage the still awkward yet increasingly mandatory mask-donning habit, we’ve found it helpful to stash protective coverings in the many locations we frequent throughout the day—vehicles, trailers, tack rooms, trunks, hand bags, and near the front door.

Other than boot socks, never has an equine fashion accessory multiplied with such force. But boot socks are a bit like lingerie (often left to the imagination), while face masks are front and center and allow for one’s creative expression of style. This prompted us to survey a variety of masks new to the market and pair a few with other items designed with a rider’s closet in mind. The result is a collection of enthusiastic ensembles below, and if you’ve already upped your PPE game, we think they all make great gifts, too!

Flirting With Our Western Roots

The Gap navy bandana Adult Face Mask accompanied by Free x Rein Equestrian Hip Bag and Fior Da Liso Raphaela Shirt.

Sly As A …

Dreamers & Schemers Foxy Face Mask accompanied by MaryJane Rose Goldy Fox Spur Straps and Callidae Short Sleeve Practice Shirt.

(Sage) Green With Envy

Rönner Design Cadencia Flowers Face Mask accompanied by Kerrits Ice Fil® Tech Tight and Ruespari Rose Gold Belt.

Statement Pieces

Rebecad Ray Design Boss Mare Face Mask accompanied by MaKeBe BB Leather Bagand Maximilian Equestrian Reflection Breeches.

Fly Your Pink Flag

The Men’s Department

Faherty Brand Sun and Wave Mask accompanied by Ariat One Rail Woven Belt and Horse Pilot Revolution T-Shirt.

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