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2-on-1 with Emily Cole

Equine science and management is no laughing matter. Despite our best efforts to understand every aspect of our hirsute companions’ behavior, when something seems awry, we can still be left scratching our heads. Therefore we [...]

OR Picks: Face Masks for Fashion’s Sake

Like weather apps and Wifi, face masks have established a necessary role in our lives, and we have learned (the hard way) to keep them handy at all times. To encourage the still awkward yet increasingly [...]

Treats for the Team

Forced to stay at home and left to their own devices, many folks have upped their gastronomy game over the past couple of months. At OR, we’ve been spending a lot of QT with our KitchenAid Stand Mixers, and recently thought...

Dopamine Dressing: 8 Ways to Brighten Your Mood

We’ll admit we’ve surrendered to the work-from-home section of our closets when deciding what to wear each morning. Here at Outside Rein that means a heavy rotation of all-purpose performance wear since we’re only allowed at the barn, the grocery store, or...

The Literary Short-List

Many parts of the country are in their second week of sheltering-in-place, so we guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Some folks are adapting to the new reality by organizing happy hours on Zoom, testing another pasta...

New Product Spotlight: Purvida Healthy Horse

In recent years, there has been a rise in female-founded companies devoted to progressive change in the equine industry. From performance-enhancing technologies and digital tools to cleaner products and smarter gear, there is a collective enthusiasm [...]

The Well-Appointed (Horse) Trailer

Hauling is often synonymous with horse shows, where dust, sweat, mud, green slobber stains, and various oils, grease and goo come with the territory. Despite the gritty side of competitive riding, there is something to be said for [...]

5 Techy Tools for a Twenties Kitchen

There comes a time in every person's life at which gifting season means creating more space in the pantry, because there will inevitably be additional kitchen gadgets. A lady never discloses her age (or the cost of her horse[s]), but...

Last-Minute, Farm Market-Inspired Gift Ideas

The winter holidays are upon us, and with a later-than-usual Thanksgiving this year, some of us feel like they’ve arrived a bit ahead of schedule. Though the retail season has been cut short, some last-minute shopping...

The Gals-Who-‘Gram Gift Guide

We like to think we're pretty good gift givers here at OR. We pride ourselves on finding juuuuust the right thing, and often stash presents for months in preparation of the perfect occasion. Other times . . . we ask the internet. This week, we sought holiday shopping inspiration from...

Giving (Us All the Feels) Tuesday

Each week we bring the equestrian industry's most pertinent news straight to your inbox via "Ears Forward," and in an effort to keep it light, we never include tragic stories of horse races or horse rescues gone wrong. However, the unfortunate fact is...

Ask the Expert: Tips for DIY Floral Arrangements

In recent weeks, a steady stream of guests through OR’s northern and southern outposts has us in a hospitality frame of mind. Thank goodness for a Trader named Joe on whom we can rely [...]

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