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Ask the Expert: Tips for DIY Floral Arrangements

In recent weeks, a steady stream of guests through OR’s northern and southern outposts has us in a hospitality frame of mind. Thank goodness for a Trader named Joe on whom we can rely [...]

A North Salem Daycation: The American Gold Cup

Riders and equine enthusiasts who have spent any time in Westchester County are likely familiar with the equestrian enclave of North Salem, only fifty miles from New York City and an easy commute on the Metro North Railroad...

Thank You Gifts for Anny-body

It takes a village to manage a farm. Even the most diehard DIY horse owners rely on a broad spectrum of helping hands, from the hay supplier all the way to the sports medicine vet. Of course, every equestrian is thankful to each of these folks...

Nine Equine Photographers Worthy of Your Feed

One of the perks here at OR is the variety of creative consulting work that we are privileged to provide to riders, trainers, brands, barns, and equestrian organizations looking to elevate an image, introduce [...]

Summer Style for Schooling at Home

For the most part, there are two types of riders in the world: those who polish their tall boots even when riding at home alone, and those who occasionally let their old Garth Brooks tour t-shirt double as both pajamas and riding gear when they think no one is watching...

Shatterproof Style for Outdoor Entertaining

Here at Outside Rein, we can be a tad sensitive to over-enthusiasm when it comes to equestrian-themed decor. While it's hard to pass up a vintage horse print artfully decoupaged by John Derian onto a [...]

Some of Us Like the Green Ones

March has finally arrived (ushering in that season in which riders in the northern hemisphere leave the barn wearing more hair than their horses)! So with the beginning of daylight savings time in the rearview, the official start of spring just around the corner...

A Clean Break

Those of you who have followed OR from the beginning are familiar with our penchant for easy recipes, good great wine, and casual entertaining. Therefore, it feels right to mention that one half of OR possesses [...]

Ten Tools to Kick Off the New Year

We love the promise of a new horizon, filled with curiosities and possibilities. The start of the calendar year similarly feels like such a beginning, and nudges us toward good intentions for enhancing our [...]

Holiday Gifts for the Equestrian

We couldn't help ourselves. With a few fun finds that were too good not to share, we've compiled one last gift guide to assist those in a bind. Eleven days and counting...

Riders Share What They’re Gifting This Season

’Tis the season in which we set out in pursuit of gifts that surprise and delight for their uniqueness, personal intention, or everyday practicality. At OR, we typically adhere to a common gifting principle: something one might not otherwise splurge on for oneself, no matter how big or small...

Gifts That Give Back

At OR, we prefer wallowing in our extended food comas to fighting Black Friday crowds, but it wouldn't be the day after Thanksgiving if we didn't spend at least a few minutes thinking about holiday shopping. Below, we compile some of our favorite...

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