We like to think we’re pretty good gift givers here at OR. We pride ourselves on finding juuuuust the right thing, and often stash presents for months in preparation of the perfect occasion.

Other times . . . we ask the internet.

This week, we sought holiday shopping inspiration from some of our favorite online tastemakers. We asked riders, bloggers, designers, and influencers what they’re gifting this year, in the hopes that their thoughtful ideas would help us help you get a bit creative with your seasonal purchases. We kept it rider-friendly, but we specifically requested a few options for the non-horse-crazy folks in your life, so consider this your one stop holiday shop!

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We love Life Between The Ears for reasons that should be pretty obvious, and we think these beautiful cards make great stocking stuffers as well as post-holiday “Thank You” notes. Founder Kristine Dahms told us that she’ll be gifting some of her own LBTE swag this season, as well as a few other thoughtful items. “I found a gorgeous new fine art cowboy book,” she said, adding, “I also threw in my hostess gift for this year. Who wouldn’t want a pair of RBG socks?”

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If you’ve been hanging out here at OR for the last couple of years, you know we’re big fans of Hattie Banks (check out the full story here). This season, the jewelry brand does not disappoint (we happen to think this custom lapel pin makes a most thoughtful gift for anyone on your nice list!). We caught up with designer Hattie Gilpin and asked her what else she’s gifting this season, and she told us that Free X Rein’s Ponte Riding Pant and Staud’s Moon Bag are at the top of her shopping list.

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We have a bit of a [badass farm]girl crush on Erin Gouveia, resident equestrian, photographer and artist behind Silver Oaks Farm. Naturally, we were extremely excited to learn what she will be crossing off of her shopping list this year. From her own line of vintage inspired tees and custom chambray button-ups, to bedazzled riding gloves and the assortment of creative items below, her choices had us clicking “Add to Cart.”

“Anything Clare V is great but the Wallet Clutch is a perfect gift option. Love the Loden, but it comes in a bunch of color options. And a monogram is always a good idea!”

“Anything Asmar! I love this brand. There is something for everyone. Great quality and so classic. I’ve always loved their All Weather Rider Jacket.”

“I love gifting these Felix Doolittle Address Labels. A little something beautiful that people usually don’t think to get for themselves. Love the Hat & Crop design!”

“This Tatine lotion is insane!  I gift this a lot.  I can’t get enough of it, and treat myself too.”

Equestrian lifestyle blogger Andrea Wise, creator of Horse Glam, is taking the quintessential rider’s approach to holiday shopping: git ‘er done! “My favorite gift this year for both equestrians and non-equestrians alike is the Rider’s Wristlet from Black Knight Accessories,” she says. “It is perfect for riders because the wristlet easily snaps on to your belt keeping your phone handy while riding or at the barn. It also fits easily in your trunk or grooming bag and is big enough to add keys and money. Non-equestrians will love it too because when it isn’t on your belt, it can be used as an ordinary wristlet (strap is included) or a crossbody (you can purchase the curb strap chain).”

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It’s no secret that the ladies behind PonyApp (read about the techy startup here) are creative, clever, and funny. From practical to personalized, these equestrian entrepreneurs provided picks that include a little something for everyone.

Caitlin Creel

“Being at the barn all the time, equestrians rarely make time to really treat themselves! I like to give spa treatments, so it gives them an excuse to! For my non-equestrian friends, the HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket is very trendy right now, but you can apparently burn 600 calories in one sitting. A gift that keeps on giving!”

Megan Fellows

“For my non-equestrian friends, I personalize cowbells with their initials . . . because we all need a little more cowbell! For my rider friends, I recently discovered The Perfect Bit. I think it’s a genius idea and it was a ‘Why haven’t they thought of this before?’ moment for me! The bit has a ball-joint connection where the cheek piece meets the bar of the bit, so each side of the bit works independently of one another when you pull on the reins. They just introduced a D-ring for the Hunter/Jumper circuit.”

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