Forced to stay at home and left to their own devices, many folks have upped their gastronomy game over the past couple of months. At OR, we’ve been spending a lot of QT with our KitchenAid Stand Mixers, and recently thought it might be fun to turn our baking exploits toward our four-legged friends. And as we began to test recipes at the beginning of the week, mayhem ensued:

Mahkota, a hungry member of OR’s canid menagerie, decided to take his raw-food diet into his own hands. Raiding a friend’s trash can, he dined on a handful (or two) of fresh corn cobs. After a lengthy hospital stay and a minor surgery, he’s on the mend.

As Mahkota was in surgery, his good friend Winifred descended (read: somersaulted down) the staircase at OR headquarters quite ungracefully, and also spent the afternoon with the vet (where she was given a clean bill of health and some pain medication).

Coincidentally, never had our loyal companions been more deserving of some homemade treats! Below, we help you elevate your culinary craft with an easy recipe for Fido (the kind in which you can hide pain pills). Of course, we couldn’t leave out the horses, so there’s an equine friendly recipe included. And because all the dog drama made for a stressful week for the humans in our respective households, we baked and shaked a little somethin’ somethin’ for ourselves, too.

The best part? Each of these recipes is giftable, and we can all use a little extra thoughtfulness these days!


(Sorry. We know it’s not even original but we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Elissa’s Pick

I love to cook but I’m not much of a baker. Lately, however, weekend mornings have felt homemade muffin-worthy, and this easy recipe boosted my confidence. According to the Interwebs, this is the original instruction for the coveted blueberry muffins from the bakery of the legendary Jordan Marsh department store in Boston. It closed its doors over 20 years ago, but the recipe still circulates among foodie blogs because it’s that good. Add a heaping spoonful of hand whipped cream and you’ve even got dessert!

Courtney’s Pick

I recently received a twenty-pound box of meyer lemons in the mail from the family farm in California. With spring yard work, riding, barn chores, house chores, and prepping 380,000 meals a day for the family, a sunset margarita with a Golden State lemon is a welcome treat! And the best part about mixing this cocktail in a mason jar is that you can simply screw a lid on it and deliver it to another overworked soul in need!

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