The winter holidays are upon us, and with a later-than-usual Thanksgiving this year, some of us feel like they’ve arrived a bit ahead of schedule. Though the retail season has been cut short, some last-minute shopping (read: scrambling) is understandable, and we’ve got a foolproof solution for any of those hard-to-buy-for persons-who-have-everything: avoid the mall crowds, purchase local goods, and shop small!

It’s common practice at OR to hit up our respective farm markets when in need of thank you, special occasion, or hostess gifts. The holidays are no exception, so this week we visited Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard in North Salem, New York, and Woods Farm Market in Aiken, South Carolina, to source some unique and local gifting inspiration for those who may need it.

It only took us a few minutes to put together some thoughtful sets and discover some uncommon à la carte items, and with options ranging from décor to self-care, we think a quick trip to your town’s farm store might just deliver that perfect little something for which you’ve been searching. Compile a bouquet of complementary elements into a basket or upon an embellished tray, adorn with a bow or festive ornament, and voila! Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll likely end up with some interesting culinary components to enhance your delectable, locavore, and small-business-supporting holiday feast!

From all of us at Outside Rein, we wish you creative and stress-free shopping, wonderful holidays, and an adventurous new year!

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