Patagonia is a trendy travel destination at the southernmost tip of South America, and yes, there are horseback tours, but that’s not where we’re going with this. Despite the region’s growing popularity, in daily life the word “Patagonia” has become much more synonymous with outdoor adventure-wear. That’s where we’re going with this.

The Patagonia brand is a long-time OR favorite for its unmatched quality, and socially and environmentally conscious ethos.* The Capilene Air thermals that we hoarded (and gifted!) last winter make excellent base layers (and cute sweaters when tucked into mom jeans); Nano Puff jackets are flexible and light, and are ideal grab-and-go layers for any season; surprisingly flattering down parkas easily combat the whipping winter winds in NYC; and we’ve even leaned on Patagonia for swimwear, taking long-sleeved bodysuits along on surfing trips to Costa Rica. For outdoor exploits, Patagonia cannot be beat.

Still, when it comes to battling mud, snow, and wind – in addition to the entire suite of equine elements – we’ve always turned to Carhartt. Winter on a farm requires a hardy constitution for both people and outerwear. Carhartt bibs and jackets have always met that demand. However, despite our detestation of unsolicited snail mail, when a 100% post-consumer recycled catalog full of new and improved barn duds recently arrived at OR headquarters, we couldn’t help but kick up our heels.

Patagonia has launched a collection of hemp workwear that includes overalls, chore coats, and barn jackets. With the sturdiness [and price point] to stand toe-to-toe with Carhartt, the trusty Patagonia label, and the earth-conscious use of hemp, we felt compelled to make a bit of space for some new gear in our mudrooms, and a bit of time to share the news on OR. As the harsh weather and holidays blow in, we think this durable outerwear will make excellent, utilitarian gifts for the hard-working horse folks [or the enviro-warrior hipsters] in your life.

Why Hemp?

Here’s the download on all the reasons hemp is great for keeping you high and dry, courtesy of Patagonia.

Hemp grows quickly, and its shade-producing leaves keep weeds to a minimum (oh, the irony).
It thrives in harsh conditions with little water.
It requires only small amounts of natural fertilizers, and no synthetic ones.
Its deep roots can replenish over-worked soil.
Hemp fabric is light, breathable, and durable, with no break-in time required.
Other innovative uses for hemp include: building insulation, automotive fiberglass alternatives, veggie burgers, milk, rope, soap and HOPE!

*We encourage you to take a peek at Worn Wear, Patagonia’s destination for buying and trading in used clothing in good condition. Reduce, reuse, recycle, folks!

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