Those of you who have followed OR from the beginning are familiar with our penchant for easy recipes, good great wine, and casual entertaining. Therefore, it feels right to mention that one half of OR possesses an enviable apron collection — yes, we said apron! — while the other half suffers an unacceptable void. Since, over time, aprons have evolved from a feminist cliché to a billboard of individual prowess, lacking a decent apron is not a dilemma relegated to the kitchen.

This realization prompted us to initiate an early morning text exchange about the many functions, beyond housework, which necessitate a layer of fashion armor. Our clothes have been ruined by splattered sauces as much as they have by red clay dirt, furniture paint, hoof polish, and saddle soap. Heck, even our dude-as-they-get farriers wear aprons. And because we are sentimentally drawn to the stains, singes, and snags that multiply with every use, we’ve concluded that aprons are…cool.

Once inspired, we set out on a mission for unusual twists on the utilitarian garment. What we found are (mostly) gender neutral, durable, and thoughtfully designed, therefore performing from grill to garden in equal measure. If you aren’t yet convinced that you’re apron material, here’s an OR tip: store one in your travel trunk for horse shows. You can thank us later…like next time you’re cleaning equipment or grooming in your competition whites.

Tradesman Canvas and Leather

Green Chambray Cross Back

Recycled Hemp & Cotton Work Chef

Dearborne Ave Bistro

Linen Harvesting Apron

Lightweight Dutch Leather Apron

Handmade Cotton Farming Apron

Birdkage Studded Metal Bib

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