You may know that “50% glamour: 50% grit” is the OR tagline. This is because the equestrian world is made up of two divergent parts: the one in which we wear white pants and tailored blazers while riding shiny horses around in some of the most beautiful places on the planet; and the one in which we shovel manure several times per day, usually while sweating, stinking, and often swearing.

This week we take a bit of a break from the glamour, providing some insight and injecting some humor into the grit side of things. We’ve discovered some pretty good farm fails both online and in our own photo folders, and we’ve come across some equestrian-themed meme accounts (like this one) that had us shooting images back and forth and cackling into our coffees.

So if you have an arsenal of tricks to combat the propensity of anything and everything to freeze solid, have rolled your eyes at a model-on-horseback photo or two, or have come home from a vacation only to find that your horse-sitter fed chicken pellets to the horses for three days, you’ll appreciate our efforts. And maybe you’ll even pick up a few what-not-to-dos from our own barn blunders…

Megatron, just stay there while I quickly get a photo. What could go wrong?
– OR Co-Founder, Courtney

On second thought, the arena doesn’t need to be dragged today …

The least expensive way to freeze your eggs.

Time to cut baaaack on the cupcakes. [video]

We couldn’t get on like this, let alone off. [video]

We recommend a helmet.

“Peg leg Patty.”

“I’d rather freeze out here than walk into a warm barn filled with hay.”

When someone sh*ts all over your ‘gram.

What $3,000 of colic treatment smells like.
– OR Co-Founder, Elissa

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