Nearly a year ago, Outside Rein was but a twinkle in our eyes (that was sparked by a particularly rigorous riding lesson in which, “More outside rein!” was heard on a steady rotation). After several declarations of, “we really should do this!” followed by months of development (a.k.a. an endless discussion of incredibly tedious things like pixels and adverbs), OR was born. We’ve had great fun delivering some sizzling topics (thanks, Boyd!), but so far, we’ve been doing most of the talking.

This week, we would like you to do some sharing. We implore you (please don’t make us beg) to provide some feedback regarding what you love about our weekly email, what you might not like so much, and what you think we could do better. After all, we do this for you, not for us.

Shoot us an email, or answer a few quick and simple questions below.

And if this isn’t enough for you this week, and you’re yearning to read something smart and interesting and horse-related, check out “Warm-up Ring Ettiquette” in Practical Horseman, or “Let Your Daughters Grow Up to be Horse Girls” from The Chronicle of the Horse.

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