One of the perks here at OR is the variety of creative consulting work that we are privileged to provide to riders, trainers, brands, barns, and equestrian organizations looking to elevate an image, introduce a new concept, or carve out a distinct niche. Consistently, we are challenged with a common theme: to display a unique point of view through compelling words and pictures.

Several recent projects had us admiring the work of photographers who visually strike a narrative even when faced with the most impatient subjects. Equestrian photography is a huge business, and there is no denying the majestic beauty of a horse suspended in time, especially when it’s one’s own. However, exposing an individual trait or quirk of personality is often the ultimate goal in equine portraiture, and is what sets many talented photographers apart (we won’t get into some of the brilliant apps and props we’ve witnessed to incite a desired pose!).

Whether or not you are in the market for a lensman or woman, or in search of artistic inspiration, below we’ve identified a few of our favorite Instagram accounts featuring a range of pictorial styles worthy of a steady presence in your feed.

Snapshot: Incredible photographer plus OR friend and favorite (you may have spotted her watermark on our homepage), Ashley Neuhof trots around the world photographing show jumpers in motion. She also finds time for studio portrait sessions, and makes it hard for clients to choose just one!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Snapshot: Andrius Burba burst onto the scene with his Underlook Project featuring the underbellies of cats, dogs, and (finally!) horses. To capture this unusual perspective, Burba placed a camera in the ground nine feet beneath glass, then seized each horse’s movement. His next series? Under-Tiger.

Paris, France

Snapshot: Jessica Rodrigues started as a press attaché in cinema and sports before devoting herself full time to horses. Her ‘gram is filled with aerial shots of riders over fences, and the tender hospital visits of Peyo the Healing Horse.

Chicago, Illinois

Snapshot: Lara Joy Brynildssen is an avid equine, wildlife, nature, and travel photographer. Her image collection of wild horses across the U.S. celebrates these free-roaming creatures and her advocacy for #themagicofwild.

Middleburg, Virginia

Snapshot: Shawna Simmons traded photo shoots with luxury brands in Manhattan for equestrian life outside of Washington, D.C. Her work is seen in The Plaid Horse, Noelle Floyd, Sidelines Magazine, and more. Add her to your feed for a glimpse into worlds to which we all aspire!

Andover, Kansas

Snapshot: With four dogs, four birds, and two horses, Rupa Sutton is “able to bring smiles to many faces as we share our adventures and daily life.” Her posts include touching stories about her furry crew, and her soft images are available for purchase online.

Covington, Georgia

Snapshot: After running a breeding and boarding barn for 30 years, Phyllis Burchett turned to equine photography. Her eye for candid moments in beautiful light has earned her numerous photography awards, and her images have appeared in countless publications.

Dalarna, Sweden

Snapshot: Although only 25 years old, Elina Lindgren approaches her lens with an old soul. She illustrates a quiet spirit within her subjects, and offers an occasional nod to mythical creatures from familiar fables in a fairytale-like setting.

Temecula, California

Snapshot: A former professional equestrian with pink, pixie-cut hair, Holly Casner’s photography is equally as bright. She is most enthusiastic about capturing the bond between horse and rider, and produces “museum quality” equine fine art for display at home or in the barn.

Top of page: Professional photographer Ashley Neuhof at work.

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