At Outside Rein we are intoxicated by the scent of French leather, the flash of a dappled coat gleaming in the sun, and the clink of champagne flutes during the victory gallop of a close competition. However, the moments for which we truly live are the tranquil ones alone in the stables, horses nickering puffs of fog into the frigid morning, clouds of steam rising from our coffees as the rest of the world sleeps.  To choose to be an equestrian is to choose to live a paradoxical lifestyle: 50% glamour, 50% grit. The balance of this has evolved into an aesthetic sensibility that is elegant yet pragmatic, and we strive to express this as we share our beloved products, experiences, and ideas each week.

Most importantly, those of us who ride are acutely aware of the value of the outside rein: to create balance, connection and feel.  At OR we view it as a metaphor for life, and attempt to tackle daily routines, obstacles and relationships through the lessons of horsemanship. And though we cater to those who possess a fondness for the equestrian spirit – we promise – no hoof picks here!

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“They say princes learn no art truly, but the art of horsemanship. The reason is, the brave beast is no flatterer. He will throw a prince as soon as his groom.”

— Ben Jonson

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In Honor of Earth Day: Your Green Gardening Guide

If you're not a big fan of Mother Nature [insert side-eye here], you'll be happy to know that today is the final installment in our three-part Earth Month series. You can stop reading now, and we'll see you next week! However, we happen to have a bit of a girl crush...

Greener Cleaners

Keeping a horse farm safe, clean, and organized is a year-round job, but the onset of spring inevitably signals even more work. Often, the upkeep required by a thawing landscape is compounded by the simultaneous desire to freshen up any indoor spaces: dusting, mopping, shop vac-ing, tack scrubbing…

At-A-Glance: Equine Body Work

Those of us fortunate enough to quarantine in the same vicinity as our beloved grass-guzzlers are familiar with social distancing, since isolation is fairly typical—albeit self-imposed—on one’s own farm. It is much easier to manage the comings and goings of vets and farriers and other visitors that require access [...]

The Literary Short-List

Many parts of the country are in their second week of sheltering-in-place, so we guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Some folks are adapting to the new reality by organizing happy hours on Zoom, testing another pasta...

Riders’ Remedies for the Common Cold

The common cold, and its far more hostile cousin, the flu, do not discriminate. They don’t care that one has to rise before dawn to feed a barn of impatient animals, or that it is below freezing and the water buckets have turned to ice. They [...]

The Healing Power of Horses: Serving Those Who’ve Served

Outside Rein was born out of a desire to share experiences, ideas, and stories with equestrian enthusiasts, and it has opened many doors for us. Since the initial launch, our small, personal equestrian communities have become vast, and we are fortunate to meet interesting, inspiring people...

New Product Spotlight: Purvida Healthy Horse

In recent years, there has been a rise in female-founded companies devoted to progressive change in the equine industry. From performance-enhancing technologies and digital tools to cleaner products and smarter gear, there is a collective enthusiasm for innovating across essential aspects of everyday horsemanship. The many entrepreneurial women [...]

The Ultimate Travel Souvenir: A Horse

The anticipation of a new pony has the potential to incite all sorts of youthful feels, no matter one’s age. Of course, the search alone can turn into a full time hobby for the hours spent scrolling through photos, videos, and vivid profiles obtained from horse rescue [...]

All the Grooming Tips You’ll Ever Need (For Your Arena)

Caring for a stable full of horses is like caring for a stable full of 1200-pound toddlers. They eat frequently, they are messy, they break stuff, and if left to their own devices for any length of time, they will engage in accidental self-harm. Because horses themselves require so much care and attention, essential farm maintenance can often be relegated to the back burner for far too long...

The Well-Appointed (Horse) Trailer

Hauling is often synonymous with horse shows, where dust, sweat, mud, green slobber stains, and various oils, grease and goo come with the territory. Despite the gritty side of competitive riding, there is something to be said for the joy of inching closer to one’s goals as a result [...]

Feeding Fido: The Pros & Cons of a Raw Food Diet

It should come as no surprise that we at OR spoil our pets. There is always a supply of carrots in the fridge, bone marrow in the freezer (woof!), and even the barn cat gets a warm water bottle tucked into his infrared blankies on cold nights...

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