At Outside Rein we are intoxicated by the scent of French leather, the flash of a dappled coat gleaming in the sun, and the clink of champagne flutes during the victory gallop of a close competition. However, the moments for which we truly live are the tranquil ones alone in the stables, horses nickering puffs of fog into the frigid morning, clouds of steam rising from our coffees as the rest of the world sleeps.  To choose to be an equestrian is to choose to live a paradoxical lifestyle: 50% glamour, 50% grit. The balance of this has evolved into an aesthetic sensibility that is elegant yet pragmatic, and we strive to express this as we share our beloved products, experiences, and ideas each week.

Most importantly, those of us who ride are acutely aware of the value of the outside rein: to create balance, connection and feel.  At OR we view it as a metaphor for life, and attempt to tackle daily routines, obstacles and relationships through the lessons of horsemanship. And though we cater to those who possess a fondness for the equestrian spirit – we promise – no hoof picks here!

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“They say princes learn no art truly, but the art of horsemanship. The reason is, the brave beast is no flatterer. He will throw a prince as soon as his groom.”

— Ben Jonson

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Fox Hunting: Friendships, Fresh Air, and the Future

Among the range of equestrian disciplines enjoyed around the world, fox hunting claims the enviable reputation of promoting the most fellowship and fun. According to those familiar with the sport, the tradition of lengthy gallops...

The Gals-Who-‘Gram Gift Guide

We like to think we're pretty good gift givers here at OR. We pride ourselves on finding juuuuust the right thing, and often stash presents for months in preparation of the perfect occasion. Other times . . . we ask the internet. This week, we sought holiday shopping inspiration from...

Giving (Us All the Feels) Tuesday

Each week we bring the equestrian industry's most pertinent news straight to your inbox via "Ears Forward," and in an effort to keep it light, we never include tragic stories of horse races or horse rescues gone wrong. However, the unfortunate fact is...

Six Recipes for Thawing Out this Winter

Last week, we took inventory of our tack rooms to help prepare you with a short list of items that make it easier to embrace Old Man Winter. This week, we turned to our pantries for ideas that will subdue post-chore chills by warming one from within. As [...]

The [Second] Best Panna Cotta Ever

Estela is the culinary brainchild of Chef Ignacio Mattos, and one of NYC's best restaurants (if you ask us). While the savory food at Estela is nothing less than cerebral, it's the dessert menu that often has us sidling up to the bar at...

Winter Staples for the Stables

We readily admit that we’ve been in a bit of denial about the impending change of weather. However, 4:30pm sunsets and a complete arsenal of blankets hanging near every stall in the barn are making it difficult to ignore the reality of the situation. Winter’s chill...

What We’re Wearing Now: Sustainable Work Gear

Patagonia is a trendy travel destination at the southernmost tip of South America, and yes, there are horseback tours, but that’s not where we’re going with this. Despite the region’s growing popularity, in daily life...

Ask The Expert: Designing for the Equestrian Lifestyle

"When you live and work in the heart of horse country, the lifestyle itself is always in fashion, and is reflected even more so in our homes,” says Susan Victor, co-owner of Nandina Home & Design in Atlanta, GA, and Aiken, SC. The proliferation of snaffles, stirrups, and spurs...

2-on-1 with Barron (The PonyApp Mascot’s First Interview)

Keeping an organized stable full of horses is a big job. From feed to farrier visits, and turnout to exercise schedules, horse husbandry consists of countless moving parts. But … there’s an app for that! You’ve probably heard of PonyApp (right here on OR, in fact), which assembles...

Ask The Vet: Autumn Arboviruses

For many, autumn means pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice, and sweater weather. However, for equestrians, it can elicit more tricks than treats. In much of the country, fall’s cooler temperatures bring wet weather…and mosquitos....

Ask the Expert: Tips for DIY Floral Arrangements

In recent weeks, a steady stream of guests through OR’s northern and southern outposts has us in a hospitality frame of mind. Thank goodness for a Trader named Joe on whom we can rely for an array of specialty items, bath novelties, organic provisions, ridiculously [...]

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