Last September the OR team decided to #makethepilgrimage to Franklin, Tennessee, a small town outside Nashville. Franklin is in the heart of horse country, and is the home of The Pilgrimage Festival, a two-day event that includes musical acts from various genres, and ranging from multiple-time Grammy winners to lesser known but equally talented folk and indie bands (coughTheWhiteBuffalocough).

(Sidenote: If you’re experiencing deja vu, that’s because we wrote about the incredible experience we had in 2017, which you can check out below.)

The lineup for this year’s festival, which will be held September 22-23, was recently announced, so in eager anticipation of another can’t-miss weekend of tapping our steel-toes and losing our voices, we’ve created a Pilgrimage themed playlist that will have you “Dancing on the Ceiling” (wink) all summer, and might just inspire you to #makethepilgrimage yourself!

Like New York and Los Angeles, Nashville is known for an abundance of superstars, and while its celebrities are generally the steel-toed, Stetson-topped type, the city boasts far fewer gun-racks and jacked-up Chevrolets than these two New York-based Californians would expect.  With an unrivaled music, food, and whiskey scene, Nashville leaves nothing to be desired.  But as exciting and celeb-studded as country music’s capital may be, the true star of the show is situated twenty-two miles southwest of the city’s center…

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