Each year, during the second half of February, we start to get the feeling that winter will never end. We admit that relocating to a warmer region during the coldest months is great for those who can manage it, but it’s a poor substitute for warm summer nights at home. Nothing compares to sipping a bright cocktail while rocking on one’s own porch as the sun sets at 8:30pm, so this week we’re treating our unrelenting spring fever with a dose of wishful thinking in the form of porch-ready inspiration. From cozy hammock chairs to recipes for delicious snacks, we’ve created a list of everything you’ll want to have on hand when it’s finally time to bring the indoors out of doors.

There’s no denying that a porch beckons for a swing. Cocooning ourselves in this hammock version feels akin to lounging in a pair of Grandma’s lovingly crocheted socks.

Hand stitched and made with the softest alpaca wool, this polo pony adorned throw is the perfect compliment to a hammock or bench swing on those chilly spring nights (and obviously looks great inside year round!).

These floor cloths are not the kind for wiping muddy boots, but they’re not incredibly precious either. Perfect for laying beneath a pair of rocking chairs, these handmade textiles are available in a variety of farm-themed designs with equestrian details throughout. We’re also fawning over this dressage tablecloth!

As the days begin to warm over the next few weeks, take one of these super easy concoctions out to the porch with your favorite book or your favorite friend, wrap up in a cozy blanket, and let Punxutawny Phil know that he can kiss your glass.

We have difficulty showing restraint when it comes to beautiful glassware (consignment shops beware!).  The shape and texture of these handmade domes caught our eye (and our imagination, for their appeal as pretty little flower vases) as the perfect method for delivering those Naughty Arnold Palmers.

A cocktail hour must-have. These cheddar and pecan bites are incredibly delicious, and once the super easy dough is made, it can be frozen and pulled out when hors d’oeuvres are needed in a pinch. Be sure to bake a bunch because we’ve been known to accidentally make a meal of them.

Slow (but not depressing) jams for when you want to Spotify and chill.  The perfect accompaniment to a giant bench swing and an indulgent cocktail.