As two women with backgrounds in the fashion industry, we love a worthy trend (we’ve even been known to show up to a meeting clad in the same coveted shoes). And while we’re eager to hop on board the sartorial bandwagon this spring (think monochromatic beige, surfer-chic, and lace that doesn’t evoke feelings of your great-grandmother), we’re a bit choosier when it comes to what we put in our bodies.

From veganism to keto, and raw to pescatarian, there’s a gastronomic viewpoint for everyone these days. We don’t subscribe to any particular iron-clad dietary rules, but we do our best to grow our own organic produce, shop locally, support sustainable farming, eat pasture-raised or wild game meats, and embrace no-waste cooking. One product that often incorporates each of these notions: bone broth.

bone broth: [bōn brȯth]; a collagen-rich liquid (technically a stock, which differs from a broth) containing brewed bones and connective tissue.

The touted health benefits of bone broth are numerous: it is said that it can protect the joints and fight osteoarthritis, reduce inflammation and heal the gut, aid sleep, support weight loss, and provide additional nutrition to the diet. While most of these claims are not based on proven scientific fact (there have been limited studies), there are countless anecdotal success stories. Additionally, despite the lack of evidentiary healing power, many scientists agree that bone broth is a good source of protein, and those that are chicken-based (a.k.a. chicken soup) can have an anti-inflammatory effect (i.e. helping to clear the nasal passages in cold and flu sufferers).*

At OR, we simmer and sip the stuff on a cold winter’s day, reach for it as a grab-and-go meal when a quick shot of protein is needed, and use it in place of traditional broth in our everyday meal prep. Of course, not all bone broths are created equal, and the only way to know exactly what’s in yours it to make it yourself (we love this slow cooker recipe for its safety and waste-free philosophy). However, if you don’t have two days to devote to simmering beef knuckles, all it takes is a bit of digging to find a local bone brewery to provide you with all the broth your heart desires. Not into digging? That’s okay, we like to get a little dirty, so we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you.

*Because some trends are meant to evoke feelings of your great-grandmother after all!

Where to Stock Up Near You

New England & New York Local Delivery – Walden Local Meat
Florida – Florida Fresh Meat Company
San Francisco Bay Area Local Delivery & Online – Broth Baby
Greater Los Angeles Area – Sip Bone Broth
Midwest & Online – Seven Sons Farms
Charlotte, NC – Brave Bone Broth
Middleburg, VA – Fields of Athenry Farm at Side Saddle Cafe
Online – Bare Bones, Bonafide ProvisionsBrodo and Western Daughters
Travel Packs (just add hot water!) – Lono Life

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