We love the promise of a new horizon, filled with curiosities and possibilities. The start of the calendar year similarly feels like such a beginning, and nudges us toward good intentions for enhancing our homes, health, and happiness. With that in mind, we pass along a suggestion shared by a friend of OR:  “Choose something that you know you can commit to for at least the next two weeks. You may find yourself in a groove for the long haul.”

Always easier said than done, so we have selected a few groove-inducing reinforcements below. Whether your goal is to get organized, gather with friends often, or give your skin a break, just remember that its never too late for a fresh start.


You might be familiar with the name, as we’ve mentioned the newly-launched product in the past, but now that we’ve had our hands on one for over a month, we thought we’d provide a deeper dive into the technology, as well as the ways in which it has helped us incorporate more structured exercise into our rides (why hit the gym when we can hit the saddle?), while simultaneously providing analytics to help us improve fitness in our horses as well.

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New year, old year, we seem to always be working on our posture. What feels correct often looks a lot different when we see it for ourselves. Video analysis has long been an effective training tool for athletes, and Objectivity allows a coach to capture a student’s ride for detailed evaluation of both client and horse. View videos side by side, play back in slow motion, scroll to specific points, and edit, synchronize, and store up to 60 minutes of content. Brilliant for sharing with farriers, saddle fitters, and equine maintenance and rehabilitation therapists.  If only it came with a camera-carrying horse show boyfriend.


After a hot day in skin-tight, knee-high leather, a slip-on shoe makes a soothing respite for tired feet. These are stylish, comfortable, and made of all natural materials by an environmentally conscious company.

They may come in an array of fun colors (even camo), but these boots are solely utilitarian. What they lack in style, they more than compensate for in warmth, comfort, traction, and durability. We wouldn’t winter (verb) without them.

Speaking of new routines for the new year, rising an hour earlier each day is said to give one an edge over the competition. However, in some locations this time of year that means a colder greeting by Old Man Winter. These “snow pants” feature a full seat, allowing one to pivot from ground work to saddle while staying warm.


For anyone who tacks up her own horse, keeping a clean manicure is nearly impossible.  This powerful base coat formula restores and protects, therefore promoting growth, a healthy appearance, and tough-as-nails results.

A luxurious balm for sensitive sun- or wind-burned skin. It’s pricey, but a little goes a very long way! And because it comes in a solid form and can double as an eye cream, it’s ideal for travel when packing light.

The Barn

This vortex of barn inspo will ignite many dreams with its creative ideas for design, layout, storage, amenities, landscaping, and decor. Still, a generous portion of the eye candy is news you can use – the oversized tack rooms are impressively practical, with clever solutions for easy-to-reach saddles, boots, brushes, and treats.

For over 250 years, England-based Carr & Day & Martin has been manufacturing horse and leather care products, with a solid collection of the basics. The company produces out of its own factories and abides by pharmaceutical-level standards in the UK.  If you are looking to ‘up’ your grooming game this year, know that this is the supplier of choice for the stables of Her Majesty.


Recently released by The Radnor Hunt – the oldest, continuous foxhunting organization in the US – this full color, hardcover cookbook features a collection of full menus and over 100 recipes from members and friends of Philadelphia’s historic hunt, including cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, main courses, and desserts. As the book explains, “It’s no secret that foxhunters love a good party, a good drink, and especially good food.”

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