We pride ourselves on beautiful imagery at OR. Of course, we want our weekly dispatches to be thoughtful and entertaining, but we also work hard to include a bit of eye candy. We often use photos that we’ve taken ourselves, but for the occasions on which we don’t have an applicable, high-quality image handy, we look to the interwebs.

The internet is virtually limitless, and there is an entire industry devoted to providing stock photography for platforms (like OR) in need of photos of a particular sort: a hemp leaf next to a dropper of oil for a story called “CBD: Fact or Fad”; undergarments drying on a clothesline for a post titled “If Your Knickers are in a Twist”; or a NYC garbage can brimming with flowers for “Some of Us Like the Green Ones.”

Often, while perusing stock images that include horses, we find ourselves sending photos and laughing emojis back and forth because the scenes depicted are truly ludicrous. Horse husbandry isn’t rocket science – not literally, anyway – but those who are entrenched in the equine world can spot an imposter from a country mile. Even Vogue was recently called out by the equestrian-police for featuring a horse with subpar braids. So this week, we share some of our favorite wannabes in a lighthearted effort to prove that the internet does have limits, and one of them appears to be believable images of veterinarians working with horses.

“You don’t need a helmet, or pants, or a surgical mask…and you can stay on the horse while I perform this highly contagious exam.”

Stock caption: “Veterinarian makes ultrasonic scanning of horse heart.”
Diagnosis: This horse doesn’t have any heart.

You know what they say, “no hoof, no horse.”

When you take bareback literally.

“Please hold the reins tightly in this field while I use my many years of schooling to…
brush this horse.”

We don’t always remember to count our strides, but we always remember that red is right, and white is left!

What level of dressage is this?

This is not what we mean when we use the term “helmet hair.”

There is only one plausible caption for this and we’ll let you figure it out.

Too cute not to include!
P.S. Even five-year-olds know white goes on the left.

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