Back in April (when we were hopeful that spring was just around the corner), we identified our top picks for equestrian sun protection. We’re big fans of sun-kissed skin (and we’ve got a UV-free tip for that!), but as two farm girls born and raised beneath the pervasive California rays, we’re also well aware of the sun’s ability to cause premature aging and – if that’s not reason enough to protect your skin – cancer.  Because a large portion of any rider’s life is spent outside, we thought we’d reiterate how necessary it is to protect oneself from the galaxy’s giant ball of fire (see our product recs below).

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We’re big, BIG helmet fans at OR. You won’t catch us aboard even our safest steeds without protection. However, the brim on a typical helmet is insufficient when it comes to sun-blocking, so for maximum shade and minimum investment, we recommend EquiVisor velcro-on, adjustable helmet visors. We think they make us look pretty smart.

We love Irish linen buttondowns for sunny hacks. We wear these slim-cut men’s versions since they’re a bit longer (for tucking) and offer a wider range of motion than those that we found for women. They are cool and breathable, washable, offer full coverage, plus look super stylish and a bit masculine when tucked into breeches.
Pro Tip: Opt for the monogram.  It’s a well-spent $10!

For those of us who feel better with a bit of color, self-tanners have come a long way! After a recent experience with a salon spray-tan-gone-wrong, we discovered Clarins’ user-friendly Self-Tanning Milky Lotion which provides a believable sun-kissed glow, rather than a splotchy and unnatural shade of tangerine. No appointment necessary.

The new trend in SPF is physical; as in creams containing microscopic minerals which act to physically block the sun’s rays, rather than chemically blocking them like the Banana Boats and Coppertones of the past. Feel free to forget about technicals such as UVA and UVB, because Elta MD’s multiple formulations of luxurious sun-proof potions have got you fully covered (pardon the purposeful pun).

We’ve been singing the praises of Elta MD’s line of sunscreen products for a long time now, but for those “reapply every two hours” dilemmas (who slathers creamy sunscreen on top of makeup, or sweaty post-ride skin?) we turn to travel-friendly, compact, easily-applied Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF.

An OR favorite for sun-blocking technology, as well as breathability and washability. With a 50+ UV rating, mesh venting, moisture-wicking fabric, and a mock turtleneck collar to protect the décolletage and [often-ignored] back of the neck, this top leaves little to be desired.

Catching a few summer rays is simply unavoidable, and we all need the proper dosage of Vitamin D anyway. To help repair visible signs of UV damage, our go-to, tried and true, everyone-in-the-family-uses-it, must-have product is the CE-Tetra serum by Medik8.  We’ve mentioned it before so it may look familiar, but we simply cannot sing this product’s praises enough!

A rider’s hands can spend multiple hours in direct sun each day, and are often the first to show signs of age. Gloves are an easy way to protect hands from harmful rays (among other things), and they’re also good for things like grip, which we find important as well.  This Roecki pair provides an SPF 10 equivalent while allowing some light to pass through in order to avoid tan lines, but we prefer the full coverage of this lightweight Samshield option.

Horses need sun protection, too! Absorbine’s Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen is a great addition to any grooming box. Spritz on ponytails before turnout, long hacks, or strenuous days of sunny competition to keep hair shiny, healthy, and protected.

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