It takes a village to manage a farm. Even the most diehard DIY horse owners rely on a broad spectrum of helping hands, from the hay supplier all the way to the sports medicine vet. Of course, every equestrian is thankful to each of these folks for the vital role they play, but there’s a special place in heaven for what we at OR like to call “annies.”

anny (ˈanē): noun
A person employed to care for an animal in its own home, a.k.a. an animal nanny.

Anyone who has ever been charged with hiring an anny knows that the struggle is real. Few careers require the vast expertise, problem solving, physical strength, emotional sensitivity, never-ending work ethic, and general filth of farm animal husbandry. Locating a willing individual with all of these qualities is nearly impossible, and yet without a dependable anny, those of us with sizable menageries are left unable to leave the farm for more than a couple of hours at a time.

Week-long holidays in Italy?

But we love to travel, and we’re forever grateful for the annies in our lives who allow us to do so. Thus, to show our immeasurable appreciation for those who literally facilitate our freedom, we often try to pick up a token or two of thanks during our travels. Today, in honor of Anny Appreciation Day (we made that up), and because many of us will be venturing out of town for upcoming Labor Day, we share some giftable finds from our summer of travel. Use them as inspiration for your own wanderlust-inspired shopping, or purchase them directly since we’ve already done the legwork. We highly recommend them for anyone for whom you’d like to show a bit of gratitude (i.e. annies, trainers, grooms, and barn managers), but they also make great birthday, shower, and hostess gifts when in search of something a bit extra.

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